Webinar: Driving Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace

In this program, Rebecca Murray of Illumiti HCM looks at how options such as mobile apps and online solutions can forge stronger connections between employees and the organization—while increasing productivity. She will look at innovations in self-service functionality, creative online development and training options, ways to better connect managers to their teams, improved scheduling options and more -- all with an eye to improving employee engagement over the long term.

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Webinar: The Need for Consolidated, Robust HR Reporting

This webinar will delve into the role HR can play in driving the future direction of an organization and examine the value consolidated and automated HR reporting offers in today’s big data world. We will discuss ways that companies can harness their strategic HR data – from assessing the key traits of their top performers to conducting predictive workforce planning – and explore the pros and cons associated with extending reporting capabilities to executives and managers through self-service portals.

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Webinar: How to have a Successful HR System Implementation

This webinar will examine the implementation phase of an HR solution implementation project. It will delve into key activities that can help keep your project on time and on budget, including setting an achievable scope, advance planning, and ensuring you have the right project team assembled.

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Webinar: How to Plan your Organization's Talent Management Strategy

In this session we will identify the key factors you should consider when developing a talent management strategy, including your organization’s current HR maturity, needs versus your wants, current corporate culture, and ability to foster employee adoption.

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Webinar: Simplify and Enhance HR Processes with SAP SuccessFactors - Employee Central

This webinar explores how SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central can significantly improve your HR systems and processes. The solution provides a cloud-based core HR system that combines transactions, processes, and data validation with social collaboration for better strategic decision making and consolidated reporting.

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Webinar: Factors to consider when evaluating core HRIS and Talent Management Solutions

The session we will be taking on the time consuming task of evaluating options for core HRIS or talent management solutions. There are a myriad of solutions available, each offering different levels of functionality to help businesses address their human resource needs. The challenge is determining which solutions will best meet the needs and wants of your organization both now and in the future.

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Webinar: Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors

Take your organization’s human capital management to the next level with SAP SuccessFactors.

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

There are many reasons to move to the cloud, including rapid deployment, reduced support, improved flexibility, lower costs, as well as others that may not be as obvious.

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Eleven Ways to Build and Manage Your Workforce

Employers today are facing new challenges, such as shifts in employee demographics, a more mobile workplace, the consumerization of technology, and the need for better talent management.

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Six ways to encourage great performance and engage employees

As an HR leader, you can channel motivation into behavior that benefits the organization, if you can facilitate a clear, productive, frequent, and consistent conversation between your managers and employees.

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Driving Success: The Power of Company Wide Goal Alignment

Your company's productivity - and, ultimately, its profitability - depends on making sure everyone performs to their fullest potential. The need to effectively leverage the skills of employees is even more critical for small and mid-sized companies in order to successfully compete in the marketplace.

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Looking under the hood: Answers to top questions CIOs ask cloud based HR vendors

This paper explores the top concerns and questions enterprise CIOs and HR Information Systems leaders have about HR cloud solutions.

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6 ways social collaboration can boost employee engagement

As an HR leader, you can channel motivation into behavior that benefits the organization, if you can facilitate a clear, productive, frequent, and consistent conversation between your managers and employees.

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Making HR a Strategic Force

For the HR function to play a strategic role in supporting corporate objectives the people delivering HR services need IT tools that combine ease of use and accessibility with cutting-edge capabilities and sophistication.

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Six questions to ask before moving core HR into the cloud

Today, core HR is changing. Now, companies can get a clear view of their workforce with a single system of record in the cloud, such as SuccessFactors’ Employee Central.

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How to increase employee engagement

Companies must utilize a full portfolio of talent management processes to achieve high levels of engagement. If you don’t recruit the right employees, they won’t be engaged.

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