Webinar: Factors to consider when evaluating core HRIS and Talent Management Solutions

Factors to consider when evaluating core HRIS and Talent Management Solutions

Evaluating options for a core HRIS or talent management solution can be a time consuming task. There are a myriad of solutions available, each offering different levels of functionality to help businesses address their human resource needs. The challenge is determining which solutions will best meet the needs and wants of your organization both now and in the future.

Regardless of what some technology providers say, there is no single HRIS or talent management solution that will work best for every company. This webinar will take you through the evaluation phase of an HRIS project from beginning to end and help you understand the factors you need to consider when evaluating solution options for your organization including your current and future needs, your organization's size and geographical footprint, the composition of your employee base, the maturity of your HR and IT functions, and available technologies.

The session will also help you recognize your limitations when it comes to your current organizational capabilities and ability to implement different solutions. By understanding your limitations, you can develop a plan to either bridge gaps or narrow solution options to those that provide the level of support you need to successfully implement the solution.

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Featured Speaker

Rebecca Murray, Managing Partner, Illumiti HCM Inc.

Rebecca is an experienced HCM consultant who helps clients across the world implement sustainable global workforce development strategies. As a partner at Illumiti HCM, she specializes in the design and integration of HRIS and talent management solutions to help companies develop, optimize, and maintain high-performing work forces. Combining her specialized knowledge with her love for teaching and learning, Rebecca speaks widely on her experience with global HRIS implementations at conferences and trade shows around the world and teaches Employee Central Classes at the SAP Academy.


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