Webinar: The need for Consolidated, Robust HR Reporting

In this webinar we will discuss how HR has rapidly grown in terms of its strategic business importance. Many organizations have come to realize that their HR departments can do more than perform transactional activities; they can also provide in-depth insights on staffing, skills, and competencies to help an organization become more successful in the marketplace. The challenge is that most organizations are not able to effectively report on HR data – either because they don’t have it collected, consolidated, and organized or because they lack a robust tool for such reporting.

This webinar will delve into the role HR can play in driving the future direction of an organization and examine the value consolidated and automated HR reporting offers in today’s big data world. We will discuss ways that companies can harness their strategic HR data – from assessing the key traits of their top performers to conducting predictive workforce planning – and explore the pros and cons associated with extending reporting capabilities to executives and managers through self-service portals.

By the end of the session, you will understand what it takes to create a more robust and consolidated HR reporting model. You will learn what changes can be made so that HR can provide a full breadth of strategic value to your organization.


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About the Presenter: Rebecca Murray is a managing partner at Illumiti HCM Inc. She is an experienced HCM consultant who helps clients across the world implement sustainable global workforce development strategies. As a partner at Illumiti HCM, she specializes in the design and integration of HRIS and talent management solutions to help companies develop, optimize, and maintain high-performing work forces. Combining her specialized knowledge with her love for teaching and learning, Murray speaks widely on her experience with global HRIS implementations at conferences and trade shows around the world and teaches Employee Central Classes at the SAP Academy.

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