Webinar: Driving Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace

Date: April 26th, 2017 @ 12:00 PM ET

Technology has transformed the modern workplace, increasing productivity, improving communications and opening up new worlds of connection. Yet there’s a painful downside: Remote work, virtual meetings, and email chains create barriers to face-to-face engagement. The result can be hyper-connected employees who feel disconnected from their workplace, affecting engagement, and long-term retention. What’s the solution?

One of the best ways to achieve your end goals is not to force more in-person engagement or limit remote work options, but actually through the use of specialized technology. (Yes, the poison can be the cure!)

In this program, Rebecca Murray of Illumiti HCM looks at how options such as mobile apps and online solutions can forge stronger connections between employees and the organization—while increasing productivity. She will look at innovations in self-service functionality, creative online development and training options, ways to better connect managers to their teams, improved scheduling options and more -- all with an eye to improving employee engagement over the long term. And, for those without the budget or appetite for drastic changes, she will discuss simple, immediate steps that you can take to use technology to improve employee engagement and retention today.

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About the Presenter: Rebecca Murray is a managing partner at Illumiti HCM Inc. She is an experienced HCM consultant who helps clients across the world implement sustainable global workforce development strategies. As a partner at Illumiti HCM, she specializes in the design and integration of HRIS and talent management solutions to help companies develop, optimize, and maintain high-performing work forces. Combining her specialized knowledge with her love for teaching and learning, Murray speaks widely on her experience with global HRIS implementations at conferences and trade shows around the world and teaches Employee Central Classes at the SAP Academy.

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