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How to Have a Successful HR System Implementation

You were born to succeed, but to meet your potential, you must plan to succeed, prepare to succeed, and expect to succeed. Where Are We? Right now, you may be at one of many stages of implementation: “We are live!” “My company is mid-implementation.” “We are ready to get started.” “We are thinking about dipping…
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The Power of Information: Robust Reporting for HR Departments

Human Resources is no longer simply the department that hires and fires people. Thanks to technology and advancements in data analysis and interpretation, your position in HR is more crucial than ever before. Discover why your team is so important to the rest of the organization, and find out how your department can be an…
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Driving Employee Engagement – The Workplace Landscape

When thinking about the workplace landscape, there are a few important aspects to consider: The physical work setup The composition of your employee population Company culture The nature of the business (production, mining, professional services, etc.) All of these considerations have been influenced heavily by technology advancements. Let’s focus on the first two for a…
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Strategic Recruitment – Using top Performers to Gauge Candidate Fit

Using top Performers to Gauge Candidate Fit Competition for good talent is tough. Two generations are preparing to retire simultaneously, leaving key positions vacant. On top of this, millennials continue to job-hop ever 2-4 years, creating even more vacancies. With all this happening, there is a natural tendency to rush and make quick hiring decisions.…
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