Part Two – Improve Employee Engagement by Rethinking the Goal Setting and Performance Review Process

Event Date: June 15th, 2017

Next Steps in Talent Management is a free webinar series from Illumiti HCM that examines the confluence between human resources, technology, and the evolving modern workplace. Combining thought leadership and cutting-edge advances with easy-to-implement solutions, Next Steps in Talent Management shines a light on the issues, opportunities, and challenges affecting today’s HR professionals.

Goal setting and performance reviews can not only create and manage expectations for employees, but also ensure that everyone is working in strategic alignment with company objectives. Yet, all too often, goals become forgotten or disconnected from the day-to-day working process, while performance reviews offer little long-term value for the employee or the organization. These are missed opportunities for alignment and engagement.

In this webinar, we discuss how to take your organization’s employee goal setting and performance reviews to the next level. The key is creating a process that not only helps keep employees on-track and productive, but also increases engagement and retention across the organization. We look at how to set and evaluate goals at the employee, department and corporate level, tools that let you easily track and monitor progress, and the best ways to give constructive feedback on achievement and development. As a result, employees will feel valued and supported by the organization while working more productively toward common goals.

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About the Presenter: Rebecca Murray is a managing partner at Illumiti HCM Inc. She is an experienced HCM consultant who helps clients across the world implement sustainable global workforce development strategies. As a partner at Illumiti HCM, she specializes in the design and integration of HRIS and talent management solutions to help companies develop, optimize, and maintain high-performing work forces. Combining her specialized knowledge with her love for teaching and learning, Murray speaks widely on her experience with global HRIS implementations at conferences and trade shows around the world and teaches Employee Central Classes at the SAP Academy.



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