Strategic Recruitment – Using top Performers to Gauge Candidate Fit

Using top Performers to Gauge Candidate Fit

Competition for good talent is tough. Two generations are preparing to retire simultaneously, leaving key positions vacant. On top of this, millennials continue to job-hop ever 2-4 years, creating even more vacancies. With all this happening, there is a natural tendency to rush and make quick hiring decisions.

However, quick decisions often lead to mis-hires that can be costly and eat up the time of your recruitment team.  Onboarding, training, salary payments, severance, disruption, and months of sub-par work performance can all have substantial business impacts. Employee morale can suffer, client interactions and deliverables may be less than stellar, not to mention the need to make another hire.

More than half of companies in the top 10 world economies have been affected by a bad hire, according to a CareerBuilder survey. “Making a wrong decision regarding a hire can have several adverse consequences across an organization,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “When you add up missed sales opportunities, strained client and employee relations, potential legal issues and resources to hire and train candidates, the cost can be considerable. Employers are taking longer to extend offers post-recession as they assess whether a candidate really is the best fit for the job and their company culture.”

So what do you do?

Strategic Recruiting: A Proven Solution

Take the guesswork out of the hiring process. These days, many organizations are moving beyond basic applicant tracking and shifting to integrated data solutions with a talent and role-based foundation. In addition, recruiting marketing components are enabling organizations to better attract specific talent and reach larger audiences. These solutions store talent profiles, allowing organizations to better retain top talent and mirroring top performing profiles in the selection process.

What is Strategic Recruiting?

  • A fast, effective recruitment process that quickly identifies optimal hires for in-demand roles
  • A mobile option which eliminates hiring manger and recruiter wait times to fill positions faster
  • A way to simplify managing high volumes of candidates and moving them through the applicant process to get at the best-fit candidates quickly
  • A way to take the complexities and ambiguity out of interviewing by managing the entire interview process from scheduling to feedback with data-driven candidate ranking
  • A complete, simple process to manage offers so you can hire talent faster and easier
  • Detailed candidate management reporting to give you the visibility you need into what roles are filling quickly and which take more time so you can alter your candidate pipelining strategies to drive better hiring in less time

Why move to Strategic Recruiting?

  • Automate the requisition and posting process
  • Increase reach of postings and the candidate search process
  • Provide transparency to the fulfillment process
  • Offer new mediums for your employees and managers as well as applicants (increases engagement)
  • Create talent pools for cultivating new prospective applicants
  • Use talent profiles to find candidates with similar skillsets as your existing top performers (trends) and help reduce bad hires

Strategic recruiting is an essential part of every organization’s efforts to ensure they engage the right people, with the right skills and minimize mis-hires.  In our next post, we’ll discuss some of the key steps to establishing a strategic recruitment process.

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