Webinar: Next Steps in Talent Management Part One – Strategic Recruitment Using Top Performers to Gauge Candidate Fit

Next Steps in Talent Management is a free webinar series from Illumiti HCM that examines the confluence between human resources, technology, and the evolving modern workplace. Combining thought leadership and cutting-edge advances with easy-to-implement solutions, Next Steps in Talent Management shines a light on the issues, opportunities, and challenges affecting today’s HR professionals.

Description: The true cost of a mis-hire goes far beyond the time and financial investment of the recruitment process. On boarding, training, salary payments, and months of sub-par work performance can all have substantial business impacts—not to mention the need to make another hire. What if there was a better way to predict a candidate’s likelihood of success?

With a strategic recruitment system, you can use the skills, behavioral characteristics, and sourcing information of your current top performers as predictors of a candidate’s success—before the candidate is hired. In this webinar, we look at how to identify relevant performance indicators and create effective role profiles to target the right candidate pool. Advanced techniques use tools that put these performance profiles to work, helping to optimize the search process, reduce your screening times, and quickly identify high-potential candidates. The result: a faster, more effective recruitment process that quickly identifies optimal hires for in-demand roles.